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You need to have your car looking as good as new and you don't need to pay extra just to find out how much it'll cost you. We offer FREE estimates to anyone who comes in to see us.

PPG certified

Two of our painters are PPG certified so you'll know you're getting the quality and care that you and your car deserves.


We take pride in restoring the paint on your car to look as fresh as it did on the showroom floor; no one will even know you got into an accident!


Our PPG water-based paints are high quality and safe.

Expert color matching

We know how to get the paint on your car just right, we're set apart by our 49 years of experience restoring and matching paint.


You'll never end up with unsightly seams on your car where the paint doesn't match your original color when you choose C&T Body Shop, Inc.


Your car is in good hands with us!

FREE estimates